high performing sales teams
Prachi Mishra’s 5 tips to build high-performing sales teams

Author: Vishala Pechetti 6th July 2022 Introduction The success of a sales organization greatly depends on having a successful sales team. However, building a successful sales team can be challenging. High-performing sales teams have characteristics that stand out beyond their

sales strategy
How to create an effective sales strategy

Author: Vishala Pechetti 8th June 2022 Introduction We all know what happens when organizations forge ahead without a well-thought-out sales strategy. In a nutshell, it will end in complete chaos and disorganization. Having an effective sales strategy will help organizations

sales readiness platform
A 5 point checklist for choosing the right sales readiness platform

Publish Date: 27th May, 2022 Publish By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate   Introduction In the present times, the notion of a sales organization has undergone significant changes. One such big shift is the ever-changing buyer expectations. To engage and

sales training
An ultimate guide to successful sales onboarding

Publish Date: 19th May 2022 Published By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate Introduction A lack of an effective onboarding program is one of the causes of poor sales performance and high turnover among new sales hires. The first few months

Micro-learning for sales training
How microlearning can enhance your sales performance

Publish Date: 18th Dec 2022 Published By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate  Introduction Sales representatives are always on the go, rushing from one moment to another and most often short on time, while shuffling between prospecting and closing deals, liaising with

The most overlooked component in the video roleplay platform

Publish Date: 28th Feb 2022 Published By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate We all know the role of a video roleplay platform in sales exercises. It is one of the best sales tools for preparing and practicing your sales process

high performing sales teams
This is why you shouldn’t assume sales managers know how to coach

Publish Date: 10th Jan 2022 Published By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate We know that sales coaching is an essential part of sales management. Studies show that highly-successful teams spend more time on coaching. But more often than not, managers

sales training program
Sales coaching at scale while approaching individual needs of sales reps

Publish Date: 6th Dec 2021 Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer The capability to adapt to things is what takes learning to the next level Generally, all the sales executives go through the same sales coaching/ sales training program regardless

sales readiness approach
When It’s Time to Scale Your Sales Readiness Strategy?

Publish Date: 24th Nov 2021 Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer Sales Readiness Approach: The sales readiness approach/ strategy is essential for overall successful sales to happen. The working restrictions, unstable markets, and economic crises have been terrible for most

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