Comprehensive sales readiness platform to revamp sales training
Glenmark is a leading global innovative pharmaceutical company committed to enriching lives worldwide, headquartered in Mumbai, India. They are a leading developer and manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Through generic medicines, they impact over 100 million patients each year globally. Glenmark's mission is to make high-quality affordable medication accessible to patients across the world.


  • Revamp and standardize sales training
  • Improve sales performance 
  • Measure competencies and skills of new hires
  • Difficulty in executing induction training for new candidates
  • The prolonged training period for individual candidates

Approaching the solution

  • Glenmark faced a lot of challenges in standardizing its sales process and improving its sales performance. Hence, they needed a platform that is comprehensive for all its training needs. Awarathon has a feature set that is perfect for this predicament. It is flexible and provides the users with convenience and customization to use the platform for practicing, hiring, onboarding, and product certification. 


  • In four divisions, over 1266 users used Awarathon for diverse training needs. They were able to quickly and easily create contests and assessments for around 350 people and evaluate the sales reps on various parameters like product knowledge, Voice Modulation, and Pace of Speech. For one of their flagship divisions, the team used contests to elevate the performance of poor/average performers and increased overall team activity and morale. Moreover, seeing the on-the-spot reports helped them understand how well they would perform in front of the client. 


  • Earlier, the team at Glenmark was manually evaluating and providing feedback to their FSOs (officers) on their detailing of products. It was very time-consuming, but now with the help of Awarathon, they are now able to automate these activities and receive accurate real-time feedback without any bias. The FSOs could also review their peer performance and evaluate where exactly they are lacking. Hence, improving their sales performance. 


  • A clinical simulation for detailing the product was set for Glenmark’s video assessment with a sufficient number of reattempts so that each participant can practice multiple times before they submit the video. Therefore, assisting in revamping and strategizing the organization’s sales approach. 


  • The leadership team at Glenmark found great value in this product for the purpose of sales training. 

Difference made

  • Significant reduction of training per individual due to continuous role play practice happening on Awarathon platform.
  • Improvement in employee engagement through gamification of assessments and contests
  • Re-strategized the entire sales approach through effective tracking of every manager and their team’s performance
  • Enhancement in reps’ sales pitch and confidence and improving in-clinic effectiveness
  • Region wise performance tracking for the medical sales reps through the platform’s robust reports.

It is flexible and provides the users with convenience and customization to use the platform for practicing, hiring, onboarding, and product certification.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.