Awarathon’s feature-rich platform goes beyond basic video-roleplay functionality to comprehensively address the needs of a fast-growing sales team.

We want your sales teams and reps to make the perfect pitch. And we want to equip you with actionable information you need to optimize your sales force.

Our feature-set is built around these two goals for you.

On-the-go app

Dedicated apps for iOS and Android platforms, in addition to a web portal. Awarathon is accessible no matter where you are.

Advanced AI indexer

Awarathon’s AI scans not only for keywords, but also for context, gestures, clarity and confidence; addressing each element of the perfect pitch.

Simulated scenarios

Challenge your sales reps with customer situations like objection handling, difficult questions and price negotiation.

Competency mapping

Access knowledge and skill maps for individuals and teams, grouped into categories based on identified gaps and resultant action required.

Sales performance integration

Supervisors and managers can see sales performance of reps alongside their individual competency maps to compare in-app versus real-world performance.

Robust reports

Detailed, real-time reports providing a clear, actionable roadmap to management.

Best practices and recognition

Reps can view best-practice videos to prepare themselves for customer interactions. Outstanding video submissions can be rewarded by adding them to the best practice library.

Comfortable practice environment

The virtual nature of the platform and AI-driven feedback support a comfortable practice environment for reps.

In-app feedback

Mentors, managers and supervisors can provide direct feedback on video submissions within the app.

Interactive gamification

Awarathon’s quizzes and assessment are created keeping simplicity and interactivity in mind. The game-like construct keeps reps more engaged.

Secure data

We have cloud-based hosting and back-up via Amazon AWS to keep your data safe.

Customer support

Our support teams are there to proactively assist you with, and help resolve, any issues that may arise.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.

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