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With the right negotiation strategy, sales reps can build long-lasting relationships with buyers and create a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers involved in the deal.

In this podcast, we had a discussion with Dr. Jagmohan Singh Rishi (VP and Global Head for L&D & Digital Customer Experiences at Wockhardt ) on developing critical negotiation skills of sales reps’. Here’s a sneak peek of what we discussed:

  • Strategies for being successful in sales negotiations
  • Common Communication Mistakes that Sales Persons of Today Make
  • Underrated skills when it comes to negotiation in sales

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Music: All good folks from https://uppbeat.io/.

About the speaker

Dr Jagmohan Singh Rishi is a global L&D strategist who is commonly known as the “Coaches’ Coach”. He has over 25 years of in-depth experience in managing businesses and providing top executives business solutions with practical leadership applications. 

He is currently working as a global head of L&D at a top MNC and the Author of Amazon Best Seller – Are You a Digital Dinosaur!

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