Are your sales teams consistently making the perfect pitch?

The perfect sales pitch has 5 key elements:


Body language

Objection handling



Awarathon's AI-enabled training framework deeply assesses each of these parameters, to provide actionable roadmaps to mentors and managers.

Whether you need granular or big-picture insights — we've got you covered.

Readiness Assessment

Certify your team’s knowledge of your product, industry, and competitors through skill and knowledge-based simulations and develop competency mapping of the team.

Gamify readiness assessments with contests and quizzes that generate excitement and engagement.

Roleplay scenarios

Provide your sales teams with a virtual practice environment. Awarathon’s video roleplay features measure readiness, while allowing reps’ can perfect their sales pitch. Our platform can simulate any critical situation such as objection handling, price negotiation or other hotseat scenarios.

Examples and best practice videos are also made available to reps via the platform. 

Performance review

Our sophisticated AI indexer carries out a thorough, holistic analysis of each uploaded video on knowledge and skill parameters, as well as all elements of a perfect pitch.

It scans not only for keywords, but also for context, gestures, clarity and confidence. Supervisors can individually review videos too, to give direct, personal feedback.

Robust reports

Customizable real-time reports provide you with incisive, actionable insight about how to focus organizational resources and initiatives towards sales readiness. Competency-gaps in your sales force are easily identified, so that further sales training efforts are optimized. 

Flexible scorecards and dashboards allow mentors and managers to provide reps with feedback within the app.

Consistent sales messaging across the organization​​

AI-led automation of training processes​​
Supervisors can use time saved towards more strategic initiatives​
Improved sales readiness​

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.

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