sales employee turnover

Author: Vishala Pechetti

6th October 2022


High sales employee turnover negatively affects an organization’s profitability in various ways. It reduces sales opportunities, increases additional expenses on hiring new employees, and reduces employee productivity. Therefore, it is in a company’s best interest to reduce employee attrition.

To understand why there is high employee attrition in some sales organizations, we teamed up with Suhas Zambre (Head of training and development at Tablets India) and Rajiv Vohra ( Head of training and development at Novo Nordisk).

Training is very liberal, but what I’ve seen is that we go into the training with business requirements but, the actual training is much more of an in-depth understanding.

Suhas Zambre and Rajiv Vohra were featured in our panel series – Pitch Perfect and shared their tips on reducing employee attrition in sales.

1. Careful hiring process

One of the ways to reduce sales employee turnover is to select the right candidates. It is important that recruiters are upfront about the job role and company culture and ensure that a candidate is the right fit. Moreover, it is important to have a robust onboarding structure. This helps in setting up the employees for success from the beginning.

2. Employee engagement

Engaging sales employees can definitely help in reducing sales employee turnover. One of the best ways is through recognition as words are very important in cultivating employee motivation. Having a good relationship with managers is very essential for increasing employee engagement.

3. Coaching conversation culture

Cultivating a coaching conversation culture as part of your talent management strategy can be very effective in reducing sales employee turnover. It creates an environment of high performance and self-development.

4. Competitive employee compensation

Low compensation demotivates employees. Organizations must take care of this by offering competitive salaries to attract competent employees and regularly offering incentives and raises. 

5. Involvement of Top Management

It is important for the top management to get involved in setting up the learning structure. The managers have to be involved in the whole learning journey of their employees. Otherwise, the employees would not be able to pick up the learning, and the entire training is futile.

6. Scientific Training 

Training the sales employees has to be scientific. Organizations have to use well-established models and look at the impact of the training. They need to focus on quantitative measures to move away from only qualitative measures.

7. Capability Building

Capability building is one of the reasons behind the sales employee turnover. People leave when they are not seeing a future in the organization. Companies have to cultivate a workplace that felicitates employee growth.

 Listen to the full episode on understanding employee attrition in sales here – Podcast

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