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Why mobile training is required, Even while working remotely from home

Publish Date: 11th Feb, 2021Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer For all those first time readers who don’t know what Awarathon is? Well, Awarathon is one of the competitors to Rehearsal VRP. In today’s blog article, we will discuss the

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Ways to enhance your Sales performance in Q1

Publish Date: 21st Jan, 2021Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer Improve sales performance online. In our today’s blog article, we have listed down a few points to help you improve your sales performance in Q1.   It requires two core things:

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Innovative learning methods to build great work performance for sales

Publish Date: 14th Jan, 2021Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer Awarathon – A quick brief Awarathon is a complete platform for online sales-readiness. It is one of the best alternatives to rehearsal vrp. It offers a correct and relevant feature right

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