Use Cases

The Awarathon platform can be used by any customer-facing function in your organization which needs standardization in process and messaging. This is especially useful for assessing sales readiness, and ensuring theoretical training translates into effective behavioural change.

You can create your own custom scenarios and let our advanced AI do the rest. Awarathon’s technology enables consistency, efficiency and success.

Onboarding for new hires

Effectiveness of the onboarding process can be hard to measure. Develop role-specific quizzes and client scenarios so you can assess how new hires are adapting.

This helps in ramping-up faster.

Knowledge building

Create game-based quizzes for anything. Whether nuances of your organization’s product or the latest updates in your industry, keep your teams’ knowledge up to speed.

Since the knowledge building process is made interactive and engaging and through quizzes, you can expect much better retention and application.

Client interaction roleplays

Sales reps are often in demanding client situations for which they had not prepared in advance. Based on your industry’s unique client profiles, client role-play scenarios can be simulated.

These can include price negotiations, competitor analysis and objection handling. Practicing these scenarios enhances readiness and boosts sales outcomes.

Product certification

Before reps are in the field, it is critical to know that they understand the product they’re selling in-and-out. Through a mix of knowledge and video assessments, your company can have a robust product certification system.

For each sales rep, it can be ensured that desired messages are reaching your clients.

Skill assessment

The success of a client interaction is highly dependent on skills like confidence, body language, eye contact, in addition to clear communication of your product’s proposition.

Client-facing teams can practice these skills on the Awarathon platform, with real-time feedback to drive improvement until they are perfect.

Consistency in messaging

A consistent, coherent message about a company and its products is often not delivered to customers. Our video assessment tools along with AI algorithms can help you change this.

Using our platform, you can exercise much better control over what your sales reps are saying.

Competency mapping

A key problem for sales as well as HR managers is lack of information about how to make training more targeted and need-based for employees. Our algorithm takes knowledge, skills as well as sales outcomes in consideration, to categorize the entire sales force based on their individual learning gaps and training needs.

This results in the ability to have more tailored training initiatives, savings in training costs and better L&D management.

Knowledge building

Face-to-face mentoring and catch-ups between managers and employees are often not done frequently. The Awarathon platform enables one-to-one coaching, whereby reps can submit videos for review to their supervisors. Ratings, improvement tips and individual feedback can then be provided.

This is especially useful for remote teams in building a more involved coaching framework.

Customer support

Customer support and service teams need training to handle diverse, challenging situations. This critical organizational function often suffers from static training methods that do not assess effective application of what has been learnt. 

Awarathon’s video roleplay can be used for practice by customer support teams to apply the learnings and improve their skills.

To see how various organizations have used Awarathon to achieve sales success, take a look at some Case Studies.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.

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