Pitch Perfect. Always.

Our AI-enabled, video roleplay platform ensures your sales teams hit the right notes. Consistently.

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Awarathon is a dynamic tool for video-roleplay-led sales coaching.
Our virtual training environment leverages AI to help your sales teams make effective, winning pitches.

Onboard faster
Onboard faster

Make onboarding fast and seamless through on-demand knowledge and upskilling modules for new hires

Improve sales readiness
Improve sales readiness

Build your reps’ competence and confidence, so their sales pitch is always perfect

Reduce training costs
Reduce training costs

Focus on precisely identified learning gaps for different segments of your sales force

Make supervision effortless
Make supervision effortless

Our AI offers actionable guidance and insight to reps, allowing self-motivated practice

Making your sales training simple and forward-thinking

Driving Sales Success

  • Readiness: Our multi-device platform ensures your sales teams are ready and confident, no matter where they are. Apart from a web portal, we have dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android systems.
  • Consistency: Our proprietary AI trainer breaks down each element of the perfect sales pitch to provide actionable feedback to reps, so that your company’s message is communicated consistently. From body language to gestures to contextual speech intent, the software maps every key knowledge and skill parameter.
  • Optimization: Robust, customizable reports help you identify critical gaps and improvement areas. At a team as well as rep level, detailed insights help you address learning needs in a clearly targeted manner.

With a team-first approach

  • Knowledge: Assessment and product certification through quizzes and other video gamification builds the reps’ knowledge base.
  • Skill: AI-leveraged assessment of question handling, conflict scenarios and other qualitative parameters contributes to upskilling the sales force.
  • Growth: Teams can get direct feedback from supervisors, self-benchmark against best practices and view gold-standard videos so they can make the perfect pitch. Practice anywhere. No limits.

Increase in sales by new hire

Reduction in New Hire Onboarding Time

Savings in training cost

See inspiring customer stories in action

Trusted by Global Leaders

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On-the-go app
Advanced AI indexer
Simulated scenarios
Competency mapping
Sales performance integration
Robust reports

We are proud to lead the way as an industry leader

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.

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