Protecting Data in the Age of AI
Protecting Data in the Age of AI: Best Practices for Organizations

Author : Awarathon Date : 22/5/2023 Introduction Welcome to the era of AI where data reigns supreme, and organizations are locked in an epic battle to safeguard their valuable information. While AI can enhance productivity and drive innovation, it also

Introducing Spotlight: An advanced AI sales simulator that helps your sales reps make the perfect pitch

Author: Vishala Pechetti Date : April 10th 2023. Introducing Spotlight: An advanced AI sales simulator that helps your sales reps make the perfect pitch   It can be challenging for sales reps to anticipate every possible scenario that might arise

Product Knowledge
Maximize your sales success by mastering your sales team’s product knowledge

Author : Vishala Pechetti Date: 7th April 2023 Introduction In today’s competitive market, having good product knowledge is no longer just an advantage but a necessity for sales reps. Consumers have access to a wealth of information about products and

sales negotiation
How to empower your sales representatives with strong negotiation skills

Author : Vishala Pechetti Date: 10th February 2023   Introduction Gone are the days when sales negotiations were simply about price and product. In today’s rapidly changing market, consumer behavior has shifted dramatically, with buyers having access to more information

AI in training
Breaking 4 myths about AI in training and L&D

Author: Vishala Pechetti 30th January 2023 Introduction While AI is the future of work, there are a lot of myths floating when it comes to AI in training. In particular, many people believe that AI will replace the learning process

behavioral change
5 tips on driving behavioral change in the sales teams

Author :Vishala Pechetti Date : 5/12/2022 Introduction  Driving behavioral change in sales reps is key to increasing sales opportunities and creating a culture of unity and knowledge sharing. But we know that it is not easy to change ingrained habits

AI in sales training
5 tips to leverage AI in sales training: Saumil Paronigar shares his insights

Author : Vishala Pechetti Date : 14/11/2022 Introduction It is undisputed to say that there is immense potential in leveraging artificial intelligence in sales. Leveraging AI in sales training gives sales reps a more realistic experience. It is more accurate

sales employee turnover
Suhas Zambre and Rajiv Vohra share their 7 tips on reducing sales employee turnover

Author: Vishala Pechetti 6th October 2022 Introduction High sales employee turnover negatively affects an organization’s profitability in various ways. It reduces sales opportunities, increases additional expenses on hiring new employees, and reduces employee productivity. Therefore, it is in a company’s

sales training
Harsh Monga’s 7 tips on disrupting the sales training landscape

Author: Vishala Pechetti 6th September 2022 Introduction Sales training is all about improving seller’s overall sales readiness to drive seller behavioral change and¬† maximize sales success. To understand the sales training landscape, we teamed up with Harsh Monga, a dynamic

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