Online transition of sales process due to Covid-19
DSP is an asset management company providing financial services to its clients and investors. They have over 200 reps in their sales team, with offices in more than 40 cities. Due to Covid-19, it became increasingly difficult for them to monitor remote teams in different regions.


  • Complex financial product
  • Selling process shifted online due to Covid-19, for which training systems needed to be adapted
  • Independent Financial Advisers to whom the reps pitch are knowledgeable and demanding
  • Difficulty in mapping competencies to tailor L&D initiatives based on skill gaps

Approaching the solution

DSP’s key requirement was to make sales training more targeted and effective, by clearly segmenting learner groups and determining needs. While they have robust systems for induction and L&D, visibility of specific skill gaps was a challenge. This was exacerbated by Covid-19 as the sales process moved online, for which a new training methodology needed to be implemented. Teams that were hitherto already remote were further fragmented.

Using Awarathon, DSP carried out video assessments for its sales reps and were able to clearly map where each rep stood in terms of knowledge, skill and quota fulfilment, using our actionable reports. The learner segmentation was extremely beneficial, based on which DSP iterated on their training modules to adapt to online selling.

The ability to upload best practice videos for their reps’ reference was of significant benefit to DSP as well, because body language assumed increased importance while making pitches online.

Difference made

  • Reps ready to sell online
  • Complete performance visibility for HQ by city and region
  • Consistency in messaging while pitching to IFAs
  • Improved objection handling

The ability to know, at the individual as well as group level, exactly where your sales force needs knowledge and skill improvements is immensely powerful.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.