5 tips to leverage AI in sales training: Saumil Paronigar shares his insights

Author : Vishala Pechetti Date : 14/11/2022 Introduction It is undisputed to say that there is immense potential in leveraging artificial intelligence in sales. Leveraging AI in sales training gives sales reps a more realistic experience. It is more accurate

5 tips to keep your sales reps engaged

Author: Vishala Pechetti Date : 26th August 2022 Introduction Sales is a high-pressure role and can be quite taxing with a great deal of work. Once the sales training and the initial excitement of being at work fade away, it

Micro-learning for sales training

How microlearning can enhance your sales performance

Publish Date: 18th Dec 2022 Published By: Vishala Pechetti, Brand Marketing Associate  Introduction Sales representatives are always on the go, rushing from one moment to another and most often short on time, while shuffling between prospecting and closing deals, liaising with

sales readiness tool

Sales Coaching Ideas That Improve Sales Team Readiness – Part 2

Publish by: Sagar Pradhan, Growth MarketerPublish on: 25th Oct 2021 Today, we are proud to share our second blog content with you with fantastic pointers on Sales coaching ideas to improve sales readiness. Welcome to the second and the final

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