Our Story

Young, energetic, and obsessed with driving sales success for the mid-market.

Awarathon works with middle market organizations to impact their sales readiness. Our platform leverages artificial intelligence and video roleplay to enhance sales training effectiveness and help your teams make the perfect pitch.

At Awarathon, we have members from diverse backgrounds in our small-but-supercharged team. Each of them from past professional experience have seen first-hand how organizations struggle with delivering consistent messages to customers through their teams. This is because LMS and training programs are often inefficient, which results in losing revenue on the table. A passion to solve this problem together, innovatively is what keeps us on our toes.

We have helped our clients (across financial services, technology, healthcare and education solutions sectors) become sales ready and have more consistent, confident sales teams.

Awarathon is headquartered in Mumbai – India’s Maximum City. We started life with the ambition to spread social awareness (it’s what inspired our name). Over time, we have evolved into technological changemakers, while ensuring that our social commitments in education and equal opportunity continue meaningfully.

Our maverick captains

Harshal Shah

Co-founder, CEO

Harshal is our enthusiastic commander-in-chief, with an obsession for efficiency, education or any combination of the two. His work at Awarathon encompasses all aspects of product, sales, marketing and user experience.

When not poring over the ins-and-outs of Awarathon’s platform, he spends time finding local causes to support and mentoring budding, young businesses. He is a Harvard Law School alumnus and credits this experience with helping him find the social entrepreneur within.

Rahul Ghatalia

Co-founder, CTO

Rahul is a tech geek and web entrepreneur, always looking for innovative approaches and solutions to business problems. He brings technological sophistication to Awarathon, along with experience of serving global clients at his online media company.

Rahul’s work in the field of AI has convinced him that robots will not, in fact, take over the world. He received his Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia and Web from Algonquin University, Canada.