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In this brand new episode of #PitchPerfect, we are joined by Mr. Sushil Barkur, Associate Vice President- L&D, TM, and OD at Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Sushil is adept at creating integrated talent management architecture for large organizations.
Here’s a sneak peek of what we discussed:
  • Major challenges when it comes to recruiting, ramping, and retaining selling talent
  • Talents and competencies every salesperson needs to succeed in a cutthroat career like sales
  • Investing in sales readiness
  • Ways to improve sales talent management strategy

About the speaker

We are thrilled to introduce our special guest for today’s episode – Mr. Sushil Barkur Associate Vice President- L&D, TM and OD at Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Sushil is adept in creating Integrated Talent management Architecture for large organizations. As a Talent Practitioner, he worked on creating a sustainable talent strategy for the organization. Sushil is a passionate trainer, facilitator, coach, and firm believer in maximizing human potential. Moreover, he has demonstrated expertise in Human Resource projects, large scale training and development intervention, and Strategic HR

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