About this podcast

Driving behavioral change in the sales teams is not easy.

In the current era of the dynamic business environment and evolving consumer behaviors, it is very important for organizations to be behavior-centric. We teamed up with Mr. Prabhat Pandey (Head of Training and Development at Sanofi) to gain insights on changing sales rep behaviors.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we discussed:

  • Building organization culture
  • Changing sales rep behaviors
  • Challenges while driving this behavior change
  • Good sales behaviors to develop in organizations

About the speaker

Prabhat has a keen interest in building sales force capability through sales force effectiveness and training interventions and specializes in  behavior training, sales force excellence, leadership training and many more.

He is currently the Head of Training and Development at Sanofi. A pharmaceutical and healthcare company that provides potentially life-changing treatments and the protection of life-saving vaccines to millions of people.

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