sales readiness strategy

Why Sales Readiness Strategy is must for Improved Sales Performance

Publish by: Sagar Pradhan (Growth Marketer)Publish date: 23rd Sept 2021 The sales readiness strategy is essential to improve your overall sales performance. It is because the sales-readiness approach strategically defines and breakdowns your sales process and activity list into an

sales readiness software

Remote Selling Masterclass Part 4 -Sales Readiness Software, a new and critical part of a successful coaching strategy.

Publish Date: 10th June 2021Publish By: @Patrick Jinehan Jr (Founding Partner Linehan Group) &@Sagar Pradhan (Growth Marketer at Awarathon) Part four of our five-part series is a hugely hot topic in sales enablement. Getting the most out of every coaching

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Components of a Sales Readiness Platform: Automating the Last Mile of the Front Office

Publish Date: 8th April, 2021Publish By: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer This blog article will be covering the various components of a sales readiness platform. Many of the technologies emphasize marketing automation functions or sales processes like sales activity management, CRM,

sales readiness software

The Remote Selling Masterclass

Part 1 – Getting the fundamentals right Publish Date: 9th March 2021Blog By:@Patrick Jinehan Jr (Founding Partner Linehan Group) &@Sagar Pradhan (Growth Marketer at Awarathon) Today we are proud to announce Linehan Group’s partnership with Awarathon to bring you a

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