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Date: August 24th, 2023


Introduction: Best AI-based Sales Simulation Software


Elevate Your Sales Team with AI-enabled sales training software! AI simulation software for small business offers realistic training scenarios that refine skills, ensure consistency, and provide instant feedback to firstly- scale your training efforts, secondly- boost confidence, and thirdly- drive sales success ultimately leading to improved sales performance and business success. In other words, AI simulation software for small businesses improves overall growth.


Second nature | Quantified | Awarathon

These platforms enable reps to practice sales strategies in real-life scenarios, in addition to providing AI feedback and tailored guidance. In other words, it enhances skills, helps overcoming weaknesses, and driving improved sales outcomes. Therefore choosing the correct sales coaching platform is not an easy task. However, the uncertainty arises from the abundance of possibilities offered. AI software for small business comes in to the rescue! If your firm is looking for an AI-enabled sales training platform, you may come across Second Nature, Quantified, and Awarathon. The list of features mentioned below will help you make an informed decision.


Second Nature: 

Second Nature AI was founded in 2018 it provides conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, similarly help score them, as well as help improve on their own so that they can ace every sales call.

So who’s using Second Nature? Here are some well-known names:

  • SAP
  • Twilio
  • Zoom
  • Check Point

Second Nature’s Features: 

  • AI sales training
  • Sales certificates
  • Gamified challenges
  • Reports and analytics
  • Slide presentation simulation
  • Built-in LMS or Integrate with yours



Quantified was founded in 2012 it provides sales simulation and sales coaching using artificial persona. This platform similarly promises to provide safe, hassle-free and faster sales enablement features.

So firstly who’s using Quantified? Here are some well-known names:

  • Sanofi
  • Grant Thornton
  • Army West Point
  • Applied Material

Quantified features:

  • AI-Powered Role Play Simulations
  • Capability Analytics
  • AI Coaching
  • Certification & Reporting
  • Practice in a safe environment and gain confidence
  • Analyze behaviour



Awarathon was founded in the year 2018. We provide dynamic tools for AI-enabled sales coaching. Our virtual training environment leverages AI to help your sales teams make effective, winning pitches. Above all, our AI-enabled sales training platform ensures your sales teams hit the right notes. Consistently.

Trinity, an AI-generated persona, was launched by Awarathon to transform sales coaching. Trinity provides a complete toolkit for sales coaching, including realistic simulations, adaptable AI Persona, probing capabilities, and objection handling. In addition, through web screens or phone cameras similarly, sales representatives can participate in interactive video role-plays.

Moreover, it offers real-time instant feedback reports to sales professionals, enabling them to identify strengths, weaknesses, and after that areas for improvement. In other words, this risk-free practice environment prepares them for real client scenarios, increasing the probability of successful sales pitches.

So firstly who’s using Awarathon? Here are some well-known names:

  • Doctor Reddy 
  • Sun Pharma
  • Glenmark
  • Novartis
  • Mankind
  • Bajaj finserv

Awarathon: How much does it cost?

The sales readiness platforms charge anywhere between $30 -$50 per user. However, at Awarathon we charge $10 for the pro variant and $12 for the premium one which makes Awarathon one of the affordable sales readiness platforms to choose from.

Awarathon features:

When compared to the competition, we are one of the true leaders in terms of video-based AI-enabled sales simulator functionality. Aside from that, it includes all of the vital and necessary elements from the competitors’ offers at a very affordable price. As a result, we are one of the best choices among buyers for an online sales-training platform.

  • Advanced AI simulator
  • Intent Mapping   
  • Realistic AI-driven simulations
  • Customisable AI persona
  • Objection handling and probing abilities 
  • Instant performance feedback
  • Robust Reports and Analytics 
  • On-the-go training 
  • Risk-free practice environment
  • Content Libraries
  • Knowledge and skill competency mapping 
  • Multilingual Assessment Module
  • Customisable parameters as per the client’s sales call framework.
  • Real-time performance metrics 
  • Gamified Knowledge quizzes 
  • End-to-end data security 

Leading with advanced AI simulation, customizable AI personas, and real-time performance metrics, we stand out in AI-enabled sales training. Our comprehensive features make us the top choice for a cutting-edge AI-enabled sales training platform. For instance, you must check out our feature page & the use case web pages to get a more detailed and clear idea about our software’s offering. Links here – & 


The Verdict

In conclusion, Awarathon offers an affordable AI-based sales training platform for businesses. Moreover, our AI Simulator anticipates real pitch scenarios and generates real-time questions, adding value to training experiences. However, don’t just take our word. Check us out on G2 to see our client’s success stories! 




* Disclaimer: The details mentioned in this blog are based only on information that is publicly available and is subject to constant change. The user is advised that they must verify the information before making any decision linked to the information displayed herein. Awarathon would not be in any way liable, directly or indirectly, for any decision taken relying on the information displayed herein.

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