Sales force effectiveness is all about how good your sales team is at meeting their objectives and keeping your organization ahead of the market dynamics.

For our podcast, we teamed up with Jiten Karani, the General manager – Of sales Force effectiveness at Zydus Healthcare. He is a remarkable sales leader who is redefining sales-force effectiveness.

“So in all sales force effectiveness is achieved, and it is successful when all cross-functional sales and strategy teams, the talent management team, the remuneration team, and the support team come together and work on a particular domain. “

Mr. Jiten Karani was featured in our podcast series – #Pitch Perfect and shared his insights on the concept of sales force effectiveness.

Sales-force effectiveness in the pharma industry

‘In the pharma industry, sales force effectiveness is all about keeping your company ahead of changing market dynamics by rapidly developing and evolving new sales models around physician access and detailing channels.

It is a strategy to enhance the impact of a pharma company’s sales effort. It is crucial to develop physician trust and confidence in all aspects of the pharma business. 

Sales force effectiveness in pharma is achieved when cross-functional departments complement during the critical product launch phase. This helps management review on-the-fly performance analysis and keep up compliance with ever-increasing regulatory changes.

Sales force effectiveness enables sales representatives and managers to prioritize their work by providing them with important information and recommendations, says Jiten Karani’

Key Trends in sales-force effectiveness

‘I would use only one word to describe the key trend right now, i.e.,’ Phygital.’ Now, phygital is a new word that has come into the pharma industry, where sales force effectiveness plays a major role. Phygital is all about digitalization with physical interactions.

Although many companies have adopted digitalization, they don’t know how to use it to their advantage. Digital research skills, Problem-solving,

Customer-specific marketing channel knowledge and Analytical expertise are new sales skills that are essential in the digital age.

In this digital age, sales teams must have a sales analytics and reporting tool, CRM, sales readiness tools, video conferencing software, remote selling tools, and sales acceleration software.’


Sales force effectiveness enables sales representatives and managers to prioritize their work by providing them with important information and recommendations. It helps in promoting coaching, feedback, recognition, and training to the team, and can also help the management in having greater control over the size and structure of the sales team.

Lean more about sales force effectiveness by listening to our podcast series – Pitch Perfect


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