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Publish by: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer
Publish on: 25th Oct 2021

Today, we are proud to share our second blog content with you with fantastic pointers on Sales coaching ideas to improve sales readiness.

Welcome to the second and the final part, which includes points for your better understanding. So, let’s begin with each topic in detail.  

Stay updated, stay relevant. 

All your sales reps need to read, learn, and execute new things weekly or monthly. No matter what, the work pressure exploring new things is a must. For example, a 500 word read on some effective selling techniques or how to use online resources to boost sales or free sales tools anything which is relevant to them and excites them. Just read and make notes. 

With all the sales coaching and mentor guidance, the need to receive self-learning is equally important to remain updated with the latest industry happenings, competitor offerings, and market news. There will be a flow of challenging problems at you in your client call there; a conventional sales pitch won’t work, but your research and homework will. Using a sales readiness tool like Awarathon where sales reps can manage, store and share relevant sales content to ease the process and access on the go. Also, to add knowledge-check that quizzes the sales reps on vital findings.

Coaching with Millennials 

Millennials prefer facts, practical insights, informal learning ways, assessments to execute learnings, and more fun ways to learn. Career growth is also significant to millennials. They want to learn abilities that will help them in a future role. A sales readiness tool is essential to keep all the coaching material/ content guides in one place for all the sales resp to access it when required. 

Understanding the Sales Process

A proper understanding of the sales process is required for the sales reps to know which action to take at which stage. According to an insight from CSO, 59% of sales-driven companies plan to allocate better funds for sales processes and to coach in the coming year. Hence, understanding each stage of the sales process, the guidelines to follow them, the dos and don’ts of each step, etc., is essential before facing the buyers. 

Put Sales reps in place of the buyers.

According to Accenture, 77% of the buyers believe that sales reps do not understand their business. Most often, sales coaching programs involve sales reps in theoretical-based bookish content and product briefs. This makes the sales reps focus only on what’s taught by the sales coach without considering the other aspects of the buyer journey. 

Hence, make the buyer’s journey a more prominent part of your sales training. You can do this by guaranteeing that customer persona details, including significant business objections, success metrics, and pain points, are part of your coaching curriculum (and then assessing your reps’ mastery of them).

Mastery sessions for Sales Managers

If your organization is planning to train your sales reps to improve their sales performance, they should be focusing on microlearning and training exercises. Managers led mastery sessions to emphasize particular topics.

They are built across narrow, easy topics on sales and relevant aspects. 

For virtual, video learning and practice tools are the best ways for sales reps to practice their messaging in a robust/ safe environment and share their videos with peers for better feedback. Also, to involve the manager and the sales coach to review and improve better. A sales readiness tool could also assist you with the same. 

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