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Publish by: Sagar Pradhan, Growth Marketer
Publish on: 21st Oct 2021

In our today’s blog article, we will be discussing the various sales training ideas to enhance sales team readiness. We will be dividing this topic into two parts, part 1 & part 2. So, welcome to part 1 to learn the various sales training ideas to improve Team Readiness. But, before initiating let’s give provide a quick brief about the video roleplay platform: A video roleplay platform is a video-enabled after sales coaching platform which assists you to train your sales teams on the go with the relevant and essential set of features offerings.

Let’s begin. 

Be assessment be a part of your sales coaching. 

Companies with sales teams often feel that once they are completed with the sales training program. The sales reps are ready to go on the field or sell virtually effectively. But, by doing so, they lose better opportunities coming their way either because of inappropriate communication, marketing, and negotiation skills, lack of product knowledge, clueless on industry insights, and so on.  

Hence, the sales enablement leader should focus not only on the learning aspect but also on the assessment part. To ensure the sales training program was worth enough for most sales reps to practice, execute and implement it successfully. The training assessment can include the following points: 

  • Knowledge Identification
  • Simulation & Objection handling 
  • Monitoring Growth & Results 

Examine Reports.

There are multiple ways to promote knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer interaction for learning together and sharing real-time experiences. 

You can also consider reports on vital wins/losses available to sales reps as just-in-time learning assets. Also, to include them in training curriculums. Besides, enabling you as a sales manager to directly take away positive or negative sales results. Let’s assist you with an example. 

Imagine a best performing sales rep just closed a complicated and competitive deal assign him to attend to a new client/ buyer – about their difficulties, commitment, values, solutions, and alternatives. This approach helps in identifying best practices & ensuring better training.

Deals lost is a great way to learn which aspect of the sales process went wrong. Is it the quote, the features, the knowledge, the problem identification, etc.? Hence, keeping an eye on the wins and losses is essential for the knowledge gap bridging and closing deals hassle-free by minimizing errors or mistakes.  Explore the different types of sales metrics to track and the importance of tracking sales metrics.

Encourage Peer Learning.

Association for Talent Development says 91% of sales reps believe peer learning will help them succeed, and with good reason. Peer learning performed well provides coaching leaders to provide tribal knowledge of expert salespeople – before they leave the organization – and change it into coaching material for marketers of all ages and expertise levels.

To create an impact sale coaching context, these practices can be utilized. Another best approach is to use video technology for sales practice, which can be practised on a video roleplay platform. Where the sales reps can practice, learn and improve before facing an actual buyer interaction. It can be shared across all the sales reps to understand how they performed and learn about the good part and where improvement can be made. 

Handling Objections with Ease

Once the learning aspects of the process are complete, the next step is to practice responding to objections. For all sales reps, buyer objections are part and parcel. Right from managing fundamental client concerns to the most challenging questions, the sales reps must face objections. 

In the training courses, your sales managers should provide you with the required knowledge and techniques to manage and handle objections effectively. But, this is something your experience and self-study would be more helpful to you. Recalling the impact of assessments post-sales training program, you also require all your sales reps to practice and master objection handling. A video roleplay platform like Awarathon comes in handy for practising the same for your sales reps. 

In the second part of our article, we will be coming up with more exciting and practical tips for your sales reps to follow. So, stay connected for more.

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