Multilingual sales enablement for rural consumer finance
Bajaj Finserv Limited (BFL) is a very large financial services company primarily engaged in lending and asset management. One of their fastest growing verticals is rural consumer finance. The scale and peculiarities of this vertical require a highly automated, customizable sales readiness solution.


  • Difficulty in tracking rural team’s sales performance
  • Need for a sales enablement platform with multi-lingual support
  • Usage of sales technology in low-bandwidth rural areas
  • Stringent, internal documentation requirements for product certification

Approaching the solution

  • Bajaj Finance needed a comprehensive sales readiness platform that caters to its multiple use cases like hiring, certifying product knowledge of sales teams, and conducting AI-enabled skill assessments for hiring managers and rural sales teams. This is where Awarathon turned out to be the ultimate solution as the platform’s interactive features precisely understand organizational requirements and provide scalable customizations that meet all your training requirements.


  • Initially, the underwriting team used the Awarathon platform for certifying the sales team’s product knowledge. Bajaj Finance had many challenges with language and stringent internal documentation requirements for product certification.  The underwriting team tested product knowledge by conducting engaging quizzes and video-roleplay simulations and providing certifications to the team. The Bajaj Finance team is now able to automate and standardize its entire product certification process.


  • Bajaj Finance’s presence in rural areas required its sales team to be proficient in the local languages. Therefore, they needed a  sales enablement platform that provided them with robust multi-lingual support. Awarathon platform’s best offering is its multi-language functionality which can support languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, etc. Through Awarathon, the team at Bajaj Finance is conducting multi-lingual assessments for a diverse sales team and supporting its rural finance business. 


  • With the help of Awarathon, their rural sales team now has the confidence to handle difficult client scenarios and can perfect their sales pitch to the customer. The overall consolidated reports generated by Awarathon provided their sales team with a clear roadmap that helped them gauge what aspects of training are working and what needs to be improved. Hence, simplifying the tracking of the entire sales performance.


  • The platform’s AI-enabled skill and video assessments also came in handy for various hiring, and onboarding requirements, and training their hiring managers on creating highly engaged sales teams.


  • Awarathon’s flexible customizations helped Bajaj Finance significantly reduce its ramp-up time and achieve its desired training outcomes.

Difference made

  • Complete automation and standardization of the product certification process
  • Robust multi-lingual support for the diverse, nationwide sales team
  • Ease of tracking sales performance of our rural team
  • Highly motivated and engaged sales team

With the help of Awarathon, their rural sales team now has the confidence to handle difficult client scenarios and can perfect their sales pitch to the customer.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.