Multilingual sales enablement for rural consumer finance
Bajaj Finserv Limited (BSL) is a very large financial services company primarily engaged in lending and asset management. One of their fastest growing verticals is rural consumer finance. The scale and peculiarities of this vertical require a highly automated, customizable sales readiness solution.


  • Need for a sales enablement platform with multilingual support
  • Usage of sales technology in low-bandwidth rural areas
  • Very high time and resource spend on training, using face-to-face roleplay
  • Stringent, internal documentation requirements for product certification-

Approaching the solution

In order to grow their rural finance business, the primary need was to collaborate with local entrepreneurs in remote areas to set up satellite offices on behalf of BSL. Sales teams in these rural areas need targeted skill-building measures, multi-lingual support and robust product certification.

The existing system for training and certification focuses on manual, in-person coaching and assessments which are time-intensive and not feasible given the scale at which BSL operates. While the processes themselves are structured and well-defined, they did not have a system to customize training initiatives to individual learning gaps.

One of Awarathon platform’s key offerings is training need analysis (TNA), which categorizes the entire sales force based on skills, knowledge and sales outcomes. This TNA also offers definite, actionable steps about how to address training needs for each category.

Awarathon’s feature set and array of available reports fit BSL’s needs on all parameters, to support the rural finance business. The platform helped BSL set a clear roadmap for significantly reducing ramp-up time and training costs.

Difference made

  • Multilingual assessments available for diverse, nationwide sales team
  • Complete automation and standardization of the product certification process
  • Archived, on-video record of product certification for each sales rep
  • Strategic roadmap for 50% reduction in sales training costs

We were able to identify training needs of employees really precisely and effectively using Awarathon’s AI capabilities. It was a win-win situation for both talent and sales managers in the organization.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.