Successful synchronization of sales readiness platform and sales LMS
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a multinational pharmaceutical company with the commitment to provide affordable and innovative medication to people around the world. One of their important verticals is in the field of medicine sales, an absolute dedication to scale up this vertical demands for a sales readiness system.


  • The training process shifted online due to the changing work pattern.
  • Absence of a sales readiness platform to work in sync with the existing LMS system.
  • No feasibility of role-play, considered to be most impactful for skill building and practice methodology.
  • Lack of pitch practice and consistency from the medical representatives, an important factor in addressing the doctors.
  • Absence of skill measurement and real-time feedback.

Approaching the solution


  • Dr. Reddy’s aimed to improve the medical sales representatives’ in-clinic effectiveness by transitioning their overall training to an online platform, where they can practice real-life scenarios in communicating with doctors. To support the team in achieving these goals, a virtual practice environment was made available to the learners by Awarathon to assist them with the 3Ps – Prepare, Practice and Perform.


  • Through the platform, Dr. Reddy’s was able to generate progress reports. As a result, sales managers gained better clarity on how medical sales reps performed in terms of assessments and practice.


  • It was difficult for Dr. Reddy’s to create an assessment that perfectly matched its requirements for training and reporting and seamlessly integrated with its current LMS system. Dr. Reddy accomplished this by identifying competency gaps using Awarathon’s video evaluation feature, enhancing the experiences of both sales reps and individual managers.


  • With Awarathon’s customized reports, Dr. Reddy’s management was able to get a holistic overview of the entire sales rep progress chart. The medical sales reps were able to manage and maintain more consistency in their pitch as a result. It also became easier to provide feedback in real time.

Difference made

  • Learner Engagement improved by almost 50% within 3 months.
  • Up to 25% increase in Brand Exposure time during customer interactions for key brands.
  • In Clinic Time improved by 15% – 25% , indicating improved ability to engage customers
  • 55.49% relative growth observed with learners using the platform consistently for more than a year.

We liked the video-based assessment of Awarathon's platform, which we integrated with our existing LMS system. In addition, the video roleplay features offered were good enough for us to accelerate our sales capability building while saving time & effort.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.