Standardization and measurement of customer service processes
  • Me Cure Healthcare is a large diagnostic and health services company based in Nigeria.
  • They have a network of diagnostic centres across the country.
  • Me Cure wanted to improve their customer service and experience levels in all diagnostic centres, through training initiatives and standardization of processes.


  • Customer complaints such as high waiting time
  • Operational inefficiency in teams 
  • Roles and responsibilities at each level not demarcated
  • No system to track knowledge and performance

Approaching the solution

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were created for each role within the organization, such that desired competencies and responsibilities are designated. Video assessments were then carried out, to roleplay customer situations, for all client-facing employees.


  • Identification and mapping of competency gaps, based on which a training calendar was drawn up.


  • The Awarathon platform is regularly used for periodic knowledge assessments, given the nature of the company’s business. Video assessments have been customized based on SOPs for each role so that individual performance can be easily monitored.


Difference made

  • 15% decrease in identified recurring complaints
  • 40% increase in operational efficiency with corresponding decrease in patient waiting times
  • Monthly monitoring of progress on key service parameters
  • System of regular video assessment implemented

Sales training initiatives in a healthcare organization like ours are critical due to the complexity of our offering itself, mixed with regulatory and legal requirements. So the ability to train sales teams virtually and practice on these parameters using Awarathon is great.

Arjun Udani

Executive Director

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.

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