In-clinic effectiveness platform for medical representatives
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Sun Pharma) is the fourth largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company in the world with global revenues of over US$ 4.5 billion. Supported by over 36,000 employees and more than 40 manufacturing facilities, Sun Pharma provides high-quality, affordable medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients, to more than 100 countries across the globe.


  • Difficulty in measuring the in-clinic effectiveness of sales executives.
  • Reduce onboard time for new sales representatives
  • Need to accurately measure competency of existing sales team
  • Need of a practise oriented platform for the sales team.


Approaching the solution

There are a lot of new and existing sales executives working in various roles hence, keeping a track of their work performance, industry knowledge, pitching skills, objection handling was a task as Sun Pharma has a very dynamic sales force.     

This is where Awarathon’s sales readiness platform comes in handy as it brings a lot of interactive and engaging offerings to the sales executives and managers to prepare, practice and perform well in a structured environment. 

Awarathon video assessments were rolled out across multiple divisions. Right from their sales executives to the top management, everyone participated in the assessment. Here the video assessments mean taking video examinations in which the sales executives have to answer a question or situation that they are likely to come across while pitching to a doctor. 

An in-clinic situation and a question based on that situation were set for Sun Pharma’s video assessment with a sufficient number of reattempts so that each participant can practise multiple times before they submit the video.

Along with AI assessment, Awarathon allows manual assessment also, where managers get to see the performance of users and give them scores for different skill and knowledge parameters also, they can share feedback with users. 

A proper user manager mapping was done across the entire organisational hierarchy so that managers at each level can review the performance of their sales executives. 

The robust and detailed reports generated from Awarathon’s AI were truly helpful in getting a holistic overview of the entire team’s performance and in finding out the learning and skill gaps. The sales heads now exactly knew where their sales representatives were lacking and what aspects of the sales process required improvement so they could re-strategize their sales approach and map execution paths accordingly for further improvements. 

Difference made

  • There has been an enhancement in the performance of new hires.
  • Refinement in the sales pitch and boosted confidence of sales executives has resulted in improved in-clinic effectiveness.
  • Quick and accurate AI assessment done for a large number of people helped in reducing training costs.


Sales executives were delighted to see real-time AI assessment reports, where they got a holistic, actionable analysis about their performance which helped them in knowing what were the gaps and how they can improve Also, managers across all levels found the manual assessment feature of Awarathon very useful as they got to assess the performance of their team members and share feedback with them on a real-time basis. With the help of Awarathon, we were able to give attention in detail towards the performance of every participant.

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.