Structuring onboarding and training processes to support scale-up
UE LifeSciences is a fast-growing medical devices company that has created breakthrough devices for early detection of cancer in women. They have a footprint in 10 countries and a large number of channel partners. The company requires effective sales training to keep up with their pace of growth.


  • Rapid growth in the size of sales team
  • A product category that is new to the market
  • Measuring training effectiveness for channel partners
  • Need for a seamless onboarding process

Approaching the solution

UE LifeSciences needed a sales enablement technology platform that could help build product knowledge and provide product certification to sales reps and channel partners.

It was crucial for them to structure their onboarding, training and monitoring processes, as well as automate them to the extent possible, in order to keep pace with the rate at which they were scaling.

UE LifeSciences leveraged Awarathon’s knowledge assessment and video assessment modules for onboarding, sales training as well as product certification for channel partners. The standardization of these processes, ability to get automated results and reports, and visibility over what channel partners were saying to customers, made all the difference.

Management now had a robust overview of sales readiness as well as competency gaps for all customer facing teams. This allowed much better consistency in sales pitches as well as tighter control over product messaging, especially given that UE LifeSciences’ cancer detection devices are unique products in the healthcare space.

Difference made

  • Management able to measure and track training effectiveness for teams across 10 countries
  • 20% increase in reps’ and partners’ sales performance after implementation
  • Structured onboarding and product certification process
  • Consistency in quality of sales pitch to stringent medical professionals

Bringing consistency and efficiency to our sales training programs using Awarathon has been transformative for our growth plans.

Bhaumik Sanghvi

Co-Founder and COO

Improving sales readiness isn’t easy.

Unless you use AI. Then it is.